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Sometimes ideas just don't fit into the storyline right, but we don't just want to toss them... even if perhaps we should. Sometimes we just want to try something different or see how it would look if we tweaked this or messed with that. Sometimes we're just playing around. This is where that kind of stuff will end up.

March 18, 2006:
Looking for more information on the Six Seconds world and characters? Try our ComicGenesis Wiki page. It has additional tidbits regarding the characters, links to their first appearances, and some commentary on topics like "How does magic work in Six Seconds?".

January 16, 2006:
Our "Genchan" image has been added to the main ComicGenesis page! Every time someone loads the page, a different Genchan - the blue- and black-haired woman standing on the left-hand side - is displayed. This is the one we provided (which you can click on for a larger view):


This image was created using:

  • Stephanie 3.0 Petite [DAZ]
  • Pia for V3 by Lisbeth [lisbethsposerworld.net]
  • NyokoHair for Aiko 3 [DAZ]
  • V3 & SP Clothing Pack [DAZ]
  • Cygnus X: Sci-Pirate for Stephanie 3 by ElorOnceDark [DAZ]
  • Victoria's Changing Fantasy Suit by Anton Kisiel [DAZ]

December 26, 2005:
The 2005 Genmas tree has arrived! Many thanks go to Corgan Dane of Many Tidings Grim for coordinating the project. Credits for the items used to create ornament and presents from Six Seconds are as follows:

  • The Rocky Ornament
    • This image was created using Bryce 5.5 and DAZ's Millenium Cat.
  • The Wolf Present
    • Wolf, as described on the Notes page.
    • The Study by Redhouse Studios [DAZ]
    • Lost Temple of Iris by Cin Designs [DAZ]
    • "Irezumi" by Nate Piekos [www.blambot.com]
  • The Other Present

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